Live Pain Free

Enjoy your best life by

eliminating pain for good!

Pain Relief Made Simple

We utilize the latest technology to make appointments, billing, and relief easy, fast, and effective.

Chiropractic Care

With over 10 years experience and a variety of techniques, from softer touch, up to classic manipulation and everything in between, you are in good hands.


Class IV deep-tissue laser therapy is one of the newest pain relief and healing technologies developed.  This helps us deliver better results in fewer treatments.

Auto accidents

Car accidents and other personal injury claims can be hard on your spine, and the mental stress can be difficult too.  Our extensive experience in these cases will help you heal and move on.

Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better

“Whether you have a recent minor injury, or suffer from a chronic degenerative disorder, Dr. Owens has options to suit your physical, financial, and scheduling needs.”

-T. Moon

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